Your Privacy Matters

Your privacy is our foremost priority. We take extra measures to protect your data.

Our guiding principles about user privacy:
  1. Never sell users' data.
  2. Users have full control over who interacts with their profile. From a registered user's Settings page, a user can elect to share publicly, only among people they follow, or keep their profile completely private.
  3. Discard sensitive data we don't use in our app. We intentionally limit what location data we retrieve and keep from Sync partners. We only save the city you visited. For example, if you posted on Facebook about visiting Cafe Croissant in Paris, France, RoadGoat only saves the fact that you've been to Paris, France (not to Cafe Croissant).

Our full privacy policy can be read on our Privacy Policy page.

FAQ - Syncing

How exactly does syncing work?

How does RoadGoat sync/import travels from partners?

Sync imports the locations of activity from partner accounts and converts them to a list of cities and towns you've been to! That list of cities and towns gets added to your RoadGoat profile.

Do you ever reveal the exact location I checked into with partners' apps?

We always sanitize locations to 'city/town' level. For example, if you posted on Facebook about visiting a cafe in Paris, France, RoadGoat only saves the fact that you've been to Paris, France (not to that specific cafe).

Do you import my photos from partners to RoadGoat?


What if you import cities and towns I've been to that I don't want to include on my profile?

We give you the opportunity to edit which towns and cities are marked as visited during the manual syncing process. To do so, click 'Details' after an import's confirmation. You also always have the option to delete visits.

What is the advantage of using Sync?

Keeping track of travels used to be an arduous and manual process. Many attempts had been made to help people map their travels but manually updating places you've been quickly becomes out of date. These days, most people are active on a number of digital platforms that already location stamp their activities. By syncing with these secondary accounts, we help people keep travels up to date without having to do so manually.

How often do you Sync my travels from partners?

We Sync travels every day that you log in and at the end of each month.

Why did I get a message saying that my Facebook account is no longer connected?

Facebook only allows us to stay connected to your Facebook data for 90 days from your last visit to roadgoat.com. To reconnect facebook, you simply need to visit our website and sign in (if not already signed in).

FAQ - General

A few more answers

What counts as having visited somewhere?

This is a controversial topic, but whatever floats your goat! Driving through, eating a meal there, spending a night - that definition is up to you. Personally, we frown upon counting airport layovers though 😅. Perhaps you'll want to see what our readers think."Poll: What counts as having been somewhere?"

How do you make money?

Our primary goal is to create a fun platform to help people map where they've been and figure out where to travel next. We make money through travel commissions such as hotels, air reservations, and tours. We never sell users' data, under any means.

What countries are included / not included in counts of visited countries?

Only countries recognized sovereign and independent. You can check-in to places such as Puerto Rico or Guadeloupe, but they won’t count towards the number of countries you've visited. Determining the list of countries considered sovereign and independent is a complicated task - we rely on a number of external sources, use our best judgment, and make no political statements with such designations